Themes & Characters in “Sanditon”

“Sanditon” is written by Jane Austen in 1817 and is a fictional resort on the British seaside which represents the future and change. Throughout the process of writing “Sanditon,” Austen falls sick which leads to her passing away and the story being left unfinished.

I made a Pinterest board for the characters and themes presented in “Sanditon.” I chose to focus on the characters because they play a crucial role in the story as the different families represent the different stages of life.

The Heywood family represent respectability and land because they have property, tenants, and farms. Although they have several properties, they represent the past because they focus on themselves and not advancing. I’ve included quotes about respect and an woman’s outfit from the 1820’s to represent the Heywood’s. As well, The Parker family have property in Sanditon but they represent the future because Thomas Parker wants to buy every property in Sanditon and direct people visit. The head of the Denham Family, Laney is titled from benefiting from a past marriage and has enough money and support to distribute Sandition but she is cheap. Laney’s niece Clara is poor and relies on Laney while Laney’s brother Edward relies on inheritance. I’ve added pictures of money, and quotes of being rich and poor to represent the social class in the Denham family.

“Sanditon” demonstrates several themes throughout the unfinished novel. Firstly, “Sanditon” discusses tourism and travel because people travel to speculate and relax in the resort. People coming to Sanditon are excited but there is criticism that the people of Sanditon aren’t doing any work and have a lot of free time on their hands. Since people have more leisure time, this leads to characters harming their own health. For example, the Parker sisters pull out their teeth and get leaches when they are feeling ill. These are quite extreme measures to become healthy and makes the reader question why they don’t have a doctor on a resort to give them proper health care. Lastly, romance and marriage drive the plot as several characters are ending up together in marriage. As a reader, I found all the marriages disturbing because of the seduction occurring to the female characters.

Overall, I found that the characters drive the plot of “Sanditon” which is why I decided to focus on them in the Pinterest board. “Sanditon” brings people away from the real world and takes them into a fictional setting which is what I tried to convey in the pictures.

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